Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today Anthony is going in for a Bronchoscopy. You can read more about it here. About two weeks ago he had a routine swallow study done to show his progress in oral and motor therapy. It showed that he has not had any improvement with aspiration since the intial swallow study back in October 2008. Because of this his therapist had to discontinue treatment at this time, and along with the pulmonologist we decided it was best to do a Bronchooscopy and see if there is something physically causing the aspiration (versus something neurologically). We hope to get some answers today that will explain his aspiration. You can read more about Aspiration here.

On another note, Anthony got his Spio vest last week thanks to Grandma and Papa! We love it!!! If you know anyone that has a child with Sensory Integration Disorder I highly recommend it!! We can now go out and he is calm and not overwhelmed. Read more about it here.
Thanks for stopping by! Please keep us in your prayers today!!