Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting Teeth & Loosing Teeth

Well Monkey is teething. We have known this since about the week after Christmas, he really started knawing on his fingers. This past week he has been crying on que every night between 630 and 830 pm. Now by crying I dont mean here and there, no if you call the house, it is constant chaois, he is screaming non stop! Nothing makes him better. So I took him in yesterday and they said it is his teeth, so we bought two kinds of orajel and tylenol, and they worked last night. We bought a new kind of orajel that has chammoile in it, it is wonderful! He didn't even has much of an eposide last night, thankfully. We had tried orajel and tylenol everynight this week while he has done this and they did not help, however this new orajel did. So hopefully I'll post pictures soon of new teeth!:)

Speed Racer has lost his first tooth! He lost it at school today and it came home in a little red treasure box. So the tooth fairy will be paying a visit tonight, I'll post another blog later with what he receives!:) He will also be tested next week or the week after that for the gifted/talented program. I can not wait, I think that he is very bright, and hope to get him in a more challenging class. I'm going to post a few pictures of Speed Racer with his missing tooth, and Monkey in his jumparoo, and Princess

Speed Racer with his first tooth gone!

Monkey in his jumparoo

Again he loves it:)

Princess of course had to have her picture taken

Ill post more later, I'm off to read You're Broke Because You Want To Be! Thanks Mom and DAD!:)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New hobby.....

Well I've learned how to make bows. I'm so exicited about this, because it is so much fun, and now I don't have to go spend $6.00 to $10.00 for a cute bow for Princess!:) So I posted some pictures, to show everyone what I can now do. Hope you enjoy!

Teal and Brown bow with Corkscrew center.

A bumblebee:)

And of course I know how to make the basic bows, I personally like the fancy ones though:) Anyways I just thought I'd show everyone my work, that I am so proud of:)

On another note, Speed Racer has his first two loose teeth! So I'll post pictures soon hopefully on him with two teeth missing!!Have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Wonderful four day weekend (well not really!)

Speed Racer had a four day weekend, so I thought this was going to be a nice four days. No getting up at 645 am, no getting out in 30 degree weather to take him to school, and it would just be a good weekend! Well boy was I wrong! It started Friday morning, I was woke up by the hubby leaning over me at 7:00 am telling me "You might want to check your temperature". So I turn around, and he is dressed and ready for work, so I said why? Am I hot or something? He says, no, but I have a fever of 102. So I get up and said and why are you going to work then?? After making him realize that it wouldn't be the best idea to go to work with 102 fever, he agreed and decided to go to the doctor. So he went in Friday morning, and found out that he had the flu! So he came home got back in bed and after a log day and many pharmacies later, I got his meds. He thought that this would make him feel all better, well they didn't. He did feel slightly better Saturday but not much. So since the kids were very active being that we had a long weekend, I decided that Saturday I would take them all out for the day and give him his rest. Well the car needed to be picked up from the shop, finally. (I'll explain that later!) So I ran my errands and then came home, Speed Racer spent the day with Grandpa and Princess, Monkey and I came home to nap.
We decided to meet a friend of mine, Sarah, and her children at Chuck-E-Cheese that night for some fun for the kids. We had a great time and I was glad we got out of the house! There was a lady there (see pics) who loved Monkey, she held him the entire time we were there. Of course, he ate that up! If you are talking to him, he loves you to death! So finally about 7:30 Saturday night, we all got home, bathed, and ready to relax and watch a movie together. We rented Ratatouile, and the kids and I stayed up until about 10 watching it and eating out cotton candy. I figured that since they were up until 10 they would sleep later Sunday.....yeah right! 7:00 am they were ready to go!!

Princess and May-C on the big horse!

Speed Racer racing

Monkey's new friend

Sunday was calmer, the hubby was feeling much better and even worked a few jobs that afternoon, to make up for Friday. So I caught up on some much needed Avon work.
This morning, I was sure would be a much better day, the hubby was feeling better, and going to work. Well Monkey woke us up at 6:00 am with a fever of 102.7! So yeah, we went to the doctor this morning, and the first thing he says's very unlikely that he has the flu. 10 minutes later, the doctor comes back in...ok he has the flu! Sadly, there is nothing they can do for babies, except treat the fever. So, it just has to run its course. Luckily he is still very happy, just sleepy and not very willing to eat, but he is still smiling and laughing! So hopefully we will be done with this when Monkey gets better. I am already drained!
The car is still in the shop...three weeks later. We went to get it on Saturday, and the guy says "If the check engine light comes on bring it back in" well about 2 miles down the road it came on, so back we went. Who knows how much longer it will be there now. We have put 1300.00 into that car just this time in the shop! Lets home there is no more to be done! However, it did drive very smoothly, I loved it!!So that sums up our weekend! Hopefully next will be better!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well Monkey is laughing all the time now! If you take his shirt off, he laughs. Feed him, he laughs. Change him, he laughs! It is so cute! His sleeping has gotten a little better. He stil wakes in the wee hours of the morning to chat with us, but he has started doing this later and later. During abigail's speech therapy he has his tummy time on the floor. Well if the speech therapist says a word for Princess for repeat, Monkey either smiles from ear to ear and giggles or he starts talking to her. It is almost like he is trying to repeat her. This is usually his nap time on any other day, but it never fails on speech therapy day he will not nap at that time. He has to be awake and in the middle of it, I can't imagine how he will be when he can crawl! Oh boy!

Princess is doing well with her speech therapy. This week her new word that is said perfectly now is bananna. She actully says Ba-Nanna. Before is was Nanna. So this is a great improvement. She also says Grand-Ma, rather than mama, and Wh-at, rather that ut!, and W-hy rather that Hi! It is so great how she is starting to learn all of these new words. But on the other hand it is upsetting to know that she no longer sounds like my baby girl. She is growing up and it is hard to get use to. As I told my mom, it is like an infant saying their first words, it's sad, but happy at the same time!

Speed Racer, Well things are good with him. He got glasses in July and at first really enjoyed having them. Now we have already replaced five pair in the few months since he got his first pair! It never fails that something happens to them. Wheter it is they got broke at school, or at home. They are always getting broken. So thanks to Gandma and Papa he went last night and picked out whichever glasses he wanted. It was his choice. He picked them out and they will come with a cool case so he is so exicited about this. We are hoping that this will help him take better care of them, since they are what he wants. Just in case, I also got another pair. So we shall see:)

The hubby and I are doing well. We should hopefully be getting our car back soon! Yes, we have not gotten it yet. We thought it would be last week, but no not it will be who knows when! And we are up to just under $1,600.00 in repair costs! Yeah everytime we turn around there is something more that needs to be fixed. So we are waiting to hear today if there is anymore or if we are finally done! Pray that we are done! I have had the house cleaned and all the laundry done in the house for about two weeks now, the hubby hasn't had to cook dinner or do really anything. I think he is enjoying this a lot!:) I'm glad I decided to start doing this, I feel better, and I can tell that he is so much happier. The other night as I was labeling my Avon books, he made me put them down and he took me into our bathroom where he had ran a bubble bath with the candles all around it, and he cooked that night, to give me a break. It was so sweet of him, and I couldn't believe that he did that! I just love him more and more everyday!!:)

My Avon business, is hopefully going to start picking up some! I handed out some books at some businesses around my mother in laws, and I hope to get some calls from that. The apartment complex we live at also let me put some in their office, so we shall see if this will work! For those of you who would like a brochure or to shop online....let me know! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Here is my Avon info:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sitting up!

That's right! Our baby boy is now sitting up! He can sit for a few minutes on his own! I am so shocked that he is already doing this. I think it's great, and I just wanted to share with everyone that he is now sitting up. He loves to talk to us all the time. He wakes up almost every morning talking about 4-5 in the morning. It is so cute, but it is also draining, because by the time he falls back asleep it is time for us to get up! Anyways, that's the latest with us, so I'll post more another time!

Let me know if you enjoy this blog, if I don't hear from anyone I am going to stop doing them, I wanted to do them for the family that doesn't get to see us all the time, so I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Well things are starting to look better!

We got our car to the shop to be looked at, and $500.00 dollars later, it should be done tommorrow. I hope so, because then we can finally have two vehicles that are fixed and hopefully won't break down anytime soon!!

I've been slacking on cleaning and doing "wife" things. haha. So I decided today that I would rearrange the living room. I think I did a pretty good job for doing it by myself. I have the entire house clean and all the laundry done! Even the kids rooms! I'm so happy that I finally took the day to get everything done, now lets see how long it will stay!

I don't do New Years resolutions, but this year I decided to, so here they are....1. I am going to try and start keeping up the house better than I am now....Ok, here is the big one, are you guys ready for it??? My second is to start saving money! I know, I've never been able to do this before, but I am going to try to now. My goal is to save at least 10% every paycheck. It's a big step but hopefully We can do it!! Wish me luck!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and I'll post more later, I am about to go eat dinner and relax from cleaning all day!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New things

Well I decided to start blogging on this site to update everyone in the family or friends who may want to know what is going on with our family. I hope everyone enjoys this!

So this year so far hasn't started out to great! We had a wonderful trip to Alabama to visit family and a few friends. We had a great trip there on December 26th. We left at 1am and were in Montgomery by about noon. We were on Highway 80 about an hour and a half from Montgomery when the heat stopped working! Why we didn't know, but it stopped. The kids did great most of the way. We suprised the hubby's step-mother and sister with a visit (it was the first time they met Monkey) They were very happy to see us! Then we headed to my mom and dads. Later that afternoon my sister came by and my brother in law, and some family friends. The kids got to open their gifts from everyone, and then we played games and ate and just enjoyed being together. Monkey did well while on our trip, however he started teething while there! It was a pretty fussy time until we got orjael!! We decided to cut our trip one day short and head home on Monday the 31st rather then the 1st, because it was going to be about 20 degrees warmer on Monday and with no heat, that seemed like the best option! Also while in Alabama, of course Princess got sick with a fever of 103.5, and had to go to the ER they had us in and out, and we still have no idea why she ran a fever! They did give her meds so she is better now. Then the hubby went to the ER for his arm, it was hurting him and swelling. Come to find out he has tendinitus (spelling?) So they gave him meds and we were good to go! This was all Sunday night, so we ended up leaving on Monday morning around 745. It was very cold for about 3 hours, then it warmed up to about 60-65 the rest of the way. We finally made it home Monday night around 900pm! We were exhausted from driving. We decided that we would swap cars for the time being so that the kids were not riding in the blazer with no heat. Well we decided to go to meet a friend for dinner so the kids could play, and we took the hubby's car. Wouldn't you know that it broke down right down the road from her house, about 30 minutes from ours. So now we have one vehicle with no heat, and one not running at all!! So yeah this is not a great week for us! But the Blazer is now fixed and the Hyundai will be towed to the shop tommorrow to be looked at.

The kids are doing pretty good. Speed Racer is doing better in school, and is loving reading! He asks everynight to read to us. He is growing up so fast, and it is sad to me. He has been changing so quickly. I'm so proud of him though, and how well he is doing in school.
Princess is also doing great. She is still getting speech therapy twice a week, and she is enjoying that. Her speech therapist is wonderful with her. Princess is talking a lot better and I am so glad we got her started with this. It is sad on the other hand though, because she is not sounding like my baby girl anymore:( I know this is what she needed though.
Monkey is also doing well. They have changed his formula, and he is cutting teeth, and got shots all within a week, so needless to say he wasn't the happiest baby for a few days. He is doing much better now though and he now weighs 13.6 pounds!!
I couldn't have asked for more with my life. I'm hoping 2008 will be better than this past week! haha I'm enjoying Texas and I now know this was the best thing for our family. Well I have made this long enough! Check back later for more updates!