Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have this play-pin, and it will be boxed up tonight and sent back to Simplicity tommorrow for a refund!! The sides that are supposed to lock into place, do not lock very well.
Then the sides have started collapsing at random times! Today when it decided to fall apart, Monkeywas in it! I still have the bassinet part assembled at the top, and he was in the changing table part of it, had I not been there, he would have rolled out and fallen to the floor! I am not happy with just receiving my money back from this, I think that it needs to be pulled off of the shelves immediately!! This could seriously injury an infant!! I've called Simplicity twice and I've contacted Fox News about it also, trying to let people know of the issue. While looking into it, I found about 30 other people who have had the same problem as me! I went to and and searched their reviews. So stear clear of this item!!!


The Wade's said...

How scary! Thank goodness that Anthony wasn't hurt. To report the problem that you had, go to and let them know what happened. That is how a recall gets started. Good luck!

The Sapersteins said...

Yeah I know! I don't want any children to get hurt, so I am going to that website now, I'll let you know what happens! Thanks!