Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

I am going to start doing the "Works for me Wednesdays". This week we are supposed to blog with a question or topic that we are having a hard time with, so here it is.

My first question that I've had a hard time with, is what to do to get my kids to listen better? Speed Racer is 5, and Princess is 3. They are pretty good kids, but I need a better routine on how to handle the discipline issues that we may have. Speed Racer is very angry a lot lately, and I don't know why. He is very smart, and knows a lot more than most 5 year olds should. However, he is constantly having bad days at school. He hasn't gone a week in the past two months, with more than one good day. I know it's just kindergarten, but what can I do? We have tried, spanking, naughty mat time, no video games, no tv, nothing works! I'm stuck!! I need advice!!

My second is also with Speed Racer, I don't know if this is normal or not, but he is eating constantly!! He eats breakfast at home, then at school, we pack him a lunch and he eats all of it, then again a school lunch, and he eats the moment he walks in the door, he eats about 3-4 helpings of dinner nightly!! Is this normal? He is not overweight, and he is very heathly. I don't want to refuse him food, but what can I do?



Laane said...

Let your doctor know about the eating. He can see if something special is needed. Try to give healthy food.

About bad moods.
Try to reinforce the good moods.
Try and find out what triggers the bad moods. Does he sleep well? Is he bored at school? Does he need a hug?

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Have a great day!!!

Sarah said...

Girl stop worrying about hayden he is fine!!!! He is going througha growth spert right now and just needs the food. Alexys did the same thing. She would eat all the time for a month or two and then eat like a bird the next it is just how is is growing i am sure of it! As far as his behavior, He is 5 and a boy just stay constant. Dont threaten and then not follow through either cause he just learns that your not going to do what you say you are. when alexys was that age we started grounding her to her room and that really helped. She had to stay in there one night for everyday she got in trouble at school and she eventually learned to be have.