Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What makes people do what they do?

This little girl has been missing for five weeks now. You've probably seen the story of the news, if not here is what I have learned from following it. The little girl is 2 years old, and lives in a home with her mother, Casey Anthony and her grandparents. Her father is not involved in her life according to the family. So anyways they all four live together and yet no one knew that this little girl was missing for 4 weeks?!? How is that possible? The mother says that she last saw the girl on June 9th when she dropped her off at the babysitters house (which was checked out by the police, false name, and a false address) However today now the grandmother of the little girl is now saying that she took video of the little girl on June 15th and then another witness says that they heard Caylee's voice (the 2 year old) during a phone call with Casey on the 24th of June. So which is the truth? How can three different people all come up with three different dates of the little girl last being seen. Everytime I hear the grandmother talk, I believe more and more that something terrible has happened to this little girl. No of their stories match up and everyone seems to be lying to the police. The dogs have found evidence that there was a dead body in the trunk of the mother's car and in the backyard of the family home, yet everyone in the family says that no one has done anything with the little girl. Casey borrowed a shovel from a neighbor at the end of June and within an hour returned it, why would you need a shovel? Also another thing I found odd, could just be me, but hey. I looked the girl up on myspace and I found that there was at least 4 different sites set up by the family (grandmother and uncle of the little girl) for Caylee. Ok that makes since because myspace is a good way to get the info out there, but honestly it has been 6 days since this little girl was reported missing, and supposedly since the family found out that she was missing. And somehow they found time and strength to get on myspace and change the profiles for that? Is it just me or is that odd?

All I can say is if this was my child or my nephew, I don't think that I would have the time or energy to be on the computer worrying about myspace. I also don't know how they could have gone 5 weeks without reporting it!!! I live 700 miles away from my mom and dad, and let me tell you if something was wrong and my kids were missing, my mom would know within hours, I'm sure of that. Regardless of it I wanted her to or not! I just think there is more to this story than the family will say. The judge set the mother's bail at half a million dollars, so she probably won't be getting out anytime soon. She states that if she is out of jail she will be more helpful to the police....yeah right!!


The Wade's said...

I can't imagine harming ANY child, especially my own. This mother is sick, and I can't believe that she won't help the police find her little girl. What a monster!

Graham Shenanigans said...

I would have adopted her if no-one else wanted her!!! Some people were never meant to be mothers!!

I have given you a blog award...Go by my site to pick it up!!

Dave Hyman (a.k.a. Dad) said...

Well, you are my daughter... That's for sure :) I agree with your analysis of this case. I'm hopefull that she's in Atlanta (as has been reported) or something, but sadly I agree with you Ashley, I think the family is acting "odd" for someone that is missing a child. I always enjoy reading your blogs!!!!