Sunday, January 10, 2010

No news is good news....right?!

Well there has been nothing major going on right now with Anthony. We are playing the waiting game. I got in with the doctor this week and they said that the arteries to both kidneys are narrow. This is the reason for his high blood pressure. We left the office Monday feeling ok about that, until I looked into it further. The more I looked, the more I panicked. I called the doctor and finally got in with him again Thursday. I told him my worries, and they immediately scheduled an MRI & MRA of the brain and abdomen to check for other artery narrowing, and blood clots (this can cause the narrowing). We went Friday am and had that done. We will hopefully have results by Wednesday of this week, they also repeated some blood work regarding the tumor. He also goes tomorrow for a small swallow study to see if anything is going into the stomach better than it was two weeks ago. I believe it is, because yesterday he begged for chicken:( we gave in a gave him tiny bites of chicken nuggets (the inside only) and 4 french fries smooched. He ate it all and no gagging!!!! That is huge! Granted it was only 1/4 of a chicken nugget, this was still good. This morning we tried 1 jar of stage 1 bananas, and he ate the whole jar in tiny spoonfulls, no gagging or choking! Amen to that!! Hopefully tomorrow's test will give him the all clear to eat and drink like normal. Please pray for that:) He is so happy and I'm thankful for that, it could be much worse. I feel bad for my little man:(