Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know I said that I would post on Wednesday, but things have been crazy around here!

We moved into the house on Friday and Saturday. So Saturday was our first night sleeping in the house. It was easy to get the kids rooms done, because all they need was their furniture added since the romms were decorated. So there rooms were finished completely first. Sunday I worked on the living room, playroom and kitchen. And for the most part they were finished as well on Sunday. The kitchen took a little while, because we have about half of the cabinet space as we did in the apartment, so trying to find a place for everything was so hard! So the whole house was finished as of Wednesday, and we are now settling in to it! It is so nice to be here, our neighbors are so friendly, there are always kids outside playing, and it's just a wonderful neighborhood. I'm so thankful that we are living here. So in this next section, I am not ungrateful, I just will tell you what has happened, since moving in! lol....

On Saturday night, we saw little bugs on the floor by the window in the living room. They were tiny, like the size of my pinky finger nail, not finger, just nail. They had wings and would fly from around the window to the floor, not going anywhere really. So we thought they were flying ants. It had stormed a few days prior, and they usually come after the storm. Well Sunday it was a little worse, and by Monday I was ready for these things to be gone! I kept looking at them, dead of course, and thinking these are baby bees not flying ants! So finally Monday afternoon I called a "Bee charmer" She came out right away, and it turns out that these "flying ants" were actually yellow jackets!!!! I was like what? why?.....Anyways, turns out that yellow jackets like to make nests in the ground and around wood areas, tree stumps etc. Well the good news is we see no nests anywhere! But we just had the retaining wall redone, which means a lot of wood was pulled out and removed, and the tree that fell was removed. So there is two spots that the nest could have been, and now these eggs are hatching and the babies needed somewhere to go, so they came in the house! So anyways, the lady caulked some areas and sprayed some wasp spray, and then told me it would be just under $100.00, I didn't care, I just wanted them gone! Well turns out....they were not taken care of, we continued to see them until yesterday. I called her back and needless to say, she refunded me my money and said there would be no charge because she did not fix the problem, thank God for that! But they tapered off and we haven't seen any since Tuesday. So i guess what she did worked, it just took some time. I am deathly afarid of bees, wasps anything of that nature, but these I wasnt too scared of. They were very weak and would not even attempt to fly anywhere far away from the window, they just laid on the gound not swarming around, I'm guessing they were weak from no food, since there nest was gone, and from the spray around the window. So dont' go thinking I have my kids in a yellow jacket infested house! lol....I would not do that!! lol

In other news, please keep Speed Racer in your thoughts, as I said in an earlier post he has been having some major changes lately. He started eating more, sleeping more, and having behavioral issues all at the same time. Around January or February this all started. I finally took him in to the doctor, and I was halfway right, there is no growth spurt going on, because he has only gained 3 lbs since his 5 year check up, a year ago. So the doctor is testing him for Childhood diabeties, and a thyroid problem. We should get the results in today, and hopefully have some more answers. He also goes on Tuesday to talk to a counsler to see if this might help. Speed Racer is such a sweet loving boy, and I don't understand what is happeing to him, he is my child who tells me what God says that we should and shouldn't do, and he tells me when I'm not being fair, or nice in his eyes. He is always polite, please, thank you, your welcome. He opens doors for people with their hands full, or a buggy, without being told to do so. He is just wonderful, and I hate that this is happeing to him! But I will post later with the results.

Another prayer request (I know I don't usually do this..) A friend of mine from Alabama, just recently gave birth about three weeks before her due date to a stillborn baby boy. It is horrible news for me, and brings me back to when my cousin went through something similar with her baby girl about two years ago. It is heartbreaking, and I want everyone to pray for her and her family, I'm not posting her name, because I didn't ask her first, and I just don't feel that is necessary. I have misscarried before, but never delivered a stillborn baby. For some reason this is on my mind 24-7! I can not get things like this out of my head, it's like I'm in constant worry about the mother when this happens. I don't know why, but things like this are hard for me to get over. I still think about Lilly daily, and it was two years ago, I know this baby boy will be thought about often as well. So please just pray for their family at this time. Thanks

I'll post more later along with pictures.