Friday, April 04, 2008

Today is a BIG day for our family

Well today is a long awaited day. Princess is now offically her father's daughter! Yes the name is quite long for such a little girl, but she is now the hubby's daughter, by the State of Alabama! For those who do not know her history. Here is the quick version:
Princess was born in August of 2004, her father (sperm-donor if you will) walked out on us and refused anything to do with her, this all happened while I was about 2-3 months pregnant. I CHOSE to raise her on my own as a single mother of two children, which I did for about 3 months, before the hubby and I were married. From the day we got married these kids have been the hubby's, yes Speed Racer dad is VERY involved in his life, but the hubby has been as well. It is such a blessing to me that the hubby married me along with my two children, and never missed a beat. He has been there through everything. He decided that it was now time to make this legal, and officialy give Princess his last name. So that is what has happened, she is now his legally! Of course Princess does not quite understand it all yet, but she WILL be told the truth, I REFUSE to lie to her about how she became. She will know who her birth father is, wheter it be pictures and stories or in person.

So none the less this is a great day for our family. I am so thankful for the hubby and everything he has given to me. He has helped me through so much these past three years that we have been married, and he has remained strong, and right by my side. This is just the icing on the cake!!
Here are a few family photos for the occasion.


The Wade's said...

Congrats!!! I know you are so excited, and happy. Great family pictures by the way.