Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fishing and Fairies

The kids went to JCPenny last week and had their pictures taken. It was a fishing and fairies special event day. It feel very close to monkey's nine month mark, so I did his 9-month photos that day as well. I love our photographer. She has taken our family photos since monkey was in my belly at 32weeks. (Which most of you know means she has seen us about once every other month:) I'm going to post the 9 month pictures and then go back to some other shots since the beginning.

On another note. My Avon business is actually doing pretty well. I'm getting new customers about once a month or so, and it's nice to be able to order stuff that I like at a discount. I have also started a new discount. Military receives 15% off of their order everytime! I support the military 110% and I thought this would be a good way to show them that I'm thankful for what they do for me and my family. My father is retired Air Force, and the hubby also was in the Army for a couple of years. So if you are military, spouse, retired let me know and when you order you get 15% off! Thanks!

princess with her fairy dust

princess and the butterfly

speed racer and monkey "fishing"

speed racer

monkey at 9 months. I have one of speed racer the same type of picture

speed racer at one year

My big 6-year old boy:)


monkey at 6 months

monkey at 3 months

monkey at 4 months

monkey at 2 weeks

monkey at two weeks

monkey and me at 32 weeks


Graham Shenanigans said...

These pictures are adorable!! I love the fishing and fairy pictures!! Beautiful family..