Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Get Over It

I am so tired of turning on the news these past two days and hearing what a shame it is that the the republican nominee for Vice Presidents daughter is 17 years old and pregnant....so what?!? What does that have to do with the election???? NOTHING! People are saying that this is so horrible and that McCain made a bad decision by picking a women for VP who has a 17 year old unmarried pregnant daughter. I don't think that makes any reflection on what type of politician she is or what type of Vice President she will be. I think that had she lied and covered it all up like the democrats do then yes that shows her character. She has been honest about the pregnancy and John McCain has known about it long before choosing her to be his running mate.

Sarah Palin is so much like the average American, and this proves it even more. How many families right now are dealing with the same issues as her, probably thousands. She has a 19-year old son going to Iraq to fight for our freedom, and a 17-year old unwed pregnant mother, and a four month old baby boy with down syndrome. She IS the average American.

Many of you know that I was 17 when I became pregnant with speed racer. To me it was not then nor is it now a mistake. No pregnancy in my eyes is a mistake. Did I mean to get pregnant? No. Did I think twice about what I was going to do as a result of it? No. Does this make my parents bad people because I was 17 unwed and pregnant? No. It does not matter how good of a mother you are if it is meant to be for your son/daughter to have a child and a young age it is going to happen. This makes me so mad that people are judging her mother for what she is responsible for. I am just so aggravated about this being a "big problem" to everyone, it is not one to me. I think it shows her morals and values more so because she did not try to talk her daughter into abortion. She said that her daughter has her support 100% with going through with the pregnancy, I think that is the best thing they can do for her.


The Wade's said...

Amen!! I think if anything her daughter's unplanned pregnancy makes her that much more "real" than the other candidates. She is a completely normal American. I am so stinking excited!!

Anonymous said...

Preach honey!!! Who cares!! That just shows that everyone no matter who you are have things that go on in your family that are not controllable!! And look at you now!! You are proof no matter your age you can be a great mommy!Jenny