Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well I was able to talk my husband into buying a new living room set for my birthday and our anniversary (in November). His birthday is in October but he wanted HD channels put on the tv so that is what he is getting. This was a wonderful gift, I've wanted new furniture because EVERYTHING we have with the exception of monkey's crib and the kitchen table we had, were bought used. I've never owned NEW furniture! I was so exicited, as was the hubby, to be able to get this. It is white, which I've already been told that was a bad idea, but we do have a 5-year warranty. No need to worry, our kids are perfect.......aren't they? LOL

My mother in law decided to buy a new dining room set, so therefore we were given their old set. Which is not old to us! It is in perfect condition, and seats 6, we had a table that only sat 4, which would be a problem in about a year. So on Saturday we got a new living room set and dining room table. It is awesome! I'm so happy to be able to have something nice for a change!

Our sofa

the loveseat and chaise lounge

another view of the living room

some Halloween decor

our dining room set


The Wade's said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

I love the new furniture!!

Rita Andrews said...

Love it! Happy late birthday to share my twins special day as well.