Monday, October 13, 2008

Long time.....

Sorry I have not posted in a while. We have just been so busy! I have joined the PTA at the kids school and now I am the treasurer! It was a big suprise to me, but I'm happy to do it. I am also in charge of two fundraisers that we are having between now and December, so I am super busy! Not to mention everything that I still have to do at home!!

monkey is having a swallow study done today at 1:00. This will show how he swallows different types of food and drink. He has been having issues since birth with eating, however we never realized how bad it was until trying to introduce the sippy cup. He tries to drink from it, but has no control, he ends up choking or it all pours out of his mouth. princess' speech therapist, Krystal, is wonderful and she has sat several times and tried to help us with monkey. So the end result now is that we are still on a bottle and he is almost 14 months. The reason is because with the bottle he does not choke and spit it out as much. He is aspirating, or so we think, that is the point of the swallow study today. If so we will know where to go from here. Krystal will do an evaluation on him soon and began speech therapy as well with him. She has been princess'therapist since monkey was only a couple months old, so she has been around him a lot. I feel more comfortable with it being someone who is familiar with him, plus she has done GREAT things withprincess. People can not even tell that she had such a bad speech problem just a year ago.

Today is a school holiday and parent teacher conferences, so we shall see how they are doing in school. Since I'm up there daily I'm not expecting any news I don't already know. But I'll post later about those.
the hubby and I are doing so much better! He has been on medication now for about a month, and that has really been working great. We also went and saw the movie "Fireproof" that was a GREAT movie! It had us crying when we left there. Chris got home and went to walmart to get the book, and has stuck by it faithfully for the past week and a half. It has made a HUGE change in both of us towards each other! We are so different with each other after watching that movie. I'm so glad we did.

Well I better get ready for our day. I'll try to post later!


The Wade's said...

I hope all goes well with Anthony's test. Please keep us posted.

I am so glad you saw Fireproof. It is such an amazing movie!! I wish you and Chris the best of luck with the Love Dare book.

Take care!!