Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandma's Payback has arrived

This was me at age two after my wonderful sister decided to cut my hair...right before picture day!

This is princess at age 4 right after her wonderful brother decided to cut her hair...right before picture day!

This is the end result of the hair cut, it was all we could do.

Today is our family chirstmas pictures, so princess will always remember that haircut. I guess payback for me from my mother has arrived!


The Wade's said...

Wow. He got her good!

As for the was a great price, and other than having literally 200 pieces that you have to snap out of plastic individiually, it is great. We love it, and I wish I could give it to him today!

Rita Andrews said...


PLEASE come and enjoy some fun time...Leigh will be here too!

Miss seeing yall.