Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I can not believe that America has voted this way

I am Shocked that Obama will be the next president of the United States! I am sick to my stomach thinking about what he will do as president. I just hope and pray that every american who believed his lies and voted for him will be able to sleep at night when we have another terriost attack on our country. Obama is ready to pull our troops out of Iraq and lose the war that we have fought for 7 years. That is pretty much slapping all of our military men and women right in the face! Every life lost was a waste now thanks to Obama. He will not regret doing this, because he does not care or think twice about the men and women who serve our country, hell he doesn't even care about children. He is for PARTIAL birth abortion?!? That means you could go in at 9 months pregnant and decide during labor you want you baby killed and he thinks that is ok to do. That is the kind of man that will be president. I am so outraged right now. I have never felt so strongly about an election before, but this one I do. I just don't want to think about everything this man will do as president........


The Wade's said...

I'm not suprised at all. America has turned into a liberal wasteland, and it's gonna have to get worse before people see the light.

Rita Andrews said...

YES I am so totally SICK over this election!!!! I am saddened for our country...But I also think it will get worse before better....all we can do is PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!

This is going to make christians from all over come out of their comfort zone and stand up for whats right!!!!

Come on America!!!!