Tuesday, March 31, 2009

These are from princess' ballet recital last week, not as good as last year, but she still had a good time.

monkey's appointment with the new doctor went ok. I'm not thrilled with her but I've realized I Wont get a good doctor. She agreed that there is something going on and like his previous peditrician she too believes that he has cerebal palsy. The only thing is that a neurologist has to determine that and NO ONE can get him in until October!?! He will not even be able to have an EEG to rule out seizures until then! This is crazy, but I've realized all my fighting and whining is doing no good. He is a very active young boy, and I'll take each symtom that comes, if it gets worse then we will go from there. I've lived with the purple lips, rashes, fevers, and aspiration for 19 months whats another 7? I've just got to watch my eating with all of this, I have gained about 15 lbs. At first it was a little hear and there, now I'm up to 15! So maybe I'll take up running?hmmm.


The Wade's said...

Can you check with your local children's hospital to see if they can get him in sooner? I can't fathom having to wait 7 months more to even begin getting any answers.

Please keep us posted!