Monday, April 06, 2009


monkey has pneumonia...again. This is no kidding the 6th time since January 15th! How much more can my baby take? Today he is making a high pitched squealing sound and turning purple (during the sound). Yet, no one seems concerned. We took him to his doctor today and she said oh, well a pulmonologist needs to see him, but I can't get you in any sooner than he is. (we are scheduled already for April 27th). I called the pulmonologist and demanded that he be seen asap! They took me seriously and put him on a "red flag" cancel list. So once they have a cancellation they will call and put him in, and you know what? That means he will be seen tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, because they had a cancellation! YAY! Maybe we shall have some answers. I'll try to post tomorrow after the appointment.


Jenny said...

God bless him! Praying for you!

The Wade's said...

I'm so sorry! Good for you for demanding an appointment!

I hope Anthony gets to feeling better soon, and I hope you get some answers!