Tuesday, April 07, 2009

doctors visit

Well the doctor's appointment went perfect!! Thanks for everyone's support. We got there and his blood pressure was a little high, but they think that was due to him being mad. No big deal. I went in prepared with my manilla folder full of information about his problems, pictures and tests they have done so far. The nurse actually listened to me and asked to see the papers I brought. She read through them and asked further questions, no one has ever done this. I was so happy, yet still anixous to see if we would get answers. Then the nurse said here is what we are going to do. I want to do another test for CF (cystic fibrosis) because the place you had his taken at is NOT a CF hospital, therefore the test was probably not accurate. GREAT. So the nurse came in and started that right away, meanwhile the doctor came in to see us during that, which was sooo nice! The test takes about 10 minutes to prepare the area, then 30 minutes for the things to collect sweat. The doctor said lets finish this test, then go down for xrays and blood work. He told us you will have a plan before you leave here as far as what we will do next. He ordered an xray of his sinuses, and tons of blood work. The blood work was done for many reasons, but also for further CF testing because they didn't get enough sweat. Those results will take up to 4 weeks. The xray showed SEVERE sinsus issues, he said it was pretty much absessed throught his sinuses. So the diganosis is that monkey probably had a sinus infection early on in life that went untreated (not on my part) or missed, which has trickled down the airways to cause frequent infections. Then from being so sick for so long and no one figuring it out, we think his swallowing is from that also. Imagine being sick and stuffy nose for 19 months. How would you feel? Wobbly? Tired? Wheezy? Unable to swallow well? Yeah! So pretty much we have Chronic Sinusitis, and Asthma. We have started a 3 week minimum and 6 week maximum course of antiboitics. This is for the sinus problem. Then we started a breathing treatment twice a day and throught the day as needed for being "winded". We also got a "spacer" inhaler for on the go. So we will go back in 6 weeks and recheck his sinuses. I'm so relieved and happy that I kept pushing and never gave up! I knew something was wrong!

Also remember the playpin I complained about collapsing? I pushed for it to be recalled...well it was finally! YAY!


The Wade's said...

It sounds like the visit went well. Please keep us posted on Anthony!