Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Party Dilema

It will end Tuesday July 14th

I have two birthday parties to plan and set up for in August, I'm starting now because, I am leaving on July 24th and will be in Alabama until the day before Princess' party on the 8th. Anyways, Princess is doing Disney Princess (yes again!) I can not change her mind for anything. Monkey of course can't tell me what birthday party he wants, and since we do not watch television Monday through Friday and on the weekends we are sooo busy we don't watch television then either, he doesn't have a favorite anything. He loves cars, elmo, and eating.ha! I have several ideas and I want to get your opinion, which one do you think would best suite Monkey? Please help me! I have less than two weeks to get this done, because once Princess' birthday comes, we have school starting then Monkey's. So here are some pictures of what I'm thinking. Tell me which one you like by the number. I will pick a winner at random . So here are the rules:

Enter one time and tell me which birthday theme you think would be good (1-5) and which item you would like be entered in the drawing for (a-c). I will pick a winnerTuesday morning and announce it on my blog, so be sure to check back around noon Tuesday 7/14/2009 to see if you won. If you pass the word on that I'm having a giveaway, you can enter a second time as well. Pass the word on through email, blog, myspace,facebook, twitter, phone, how ever you want to! Thanks!!


Here is what you could win:




Graham Shenanigans said...

I like party picture # 1 and prize # b. I think you can do alot of cars type parties as he gets a little older, so while he is still little enough, do something cutesie!!

Melissa Hyman said...

I also like picture #1 but I like prize c. The other ones just seem like they are more for boys who are a little older.

Mom said...

I pick #5 and would like to win C

Mom said...

Heather likes #5 as well and would like to win C. We both agree Cars are fun but you will have PLENTY of those type parties(and already have). #1 was our pick until we saw #5. #1 seems a little babish to us. Still cute though, but you got to love a Monkey and an adventurous one at that.

Anonymous said...

I think you should do number 1
and I would like to be entered into drawing B


Anonymous said...

I pick #1

I would like to be entered into drawing A,B,and C.