Monday, May 05, 2008

15 Days

It is only 15 days away from my "baby boys" 6th birthday! I can not believe that he is already almost 6. He is looking forward to this summer, it's the first one that he will go to his dad's for one whole month! He will be flying out by himself. He is exicited about it, I however am not too exicited. He is doing a little better in school, and is starting to realize that he can not act out of anger. All of his tests for diabetes and such came back normal.

Monkey is crawling and into everything! I'm glad we have more space now for him to get around. He can not sit still for anything!!! Busy, busy , busy.

Princess has his first ballett recital on May 15th, and she is so exicited. Everytime she puts on her costume so says "Me sooooo pretty!!!!" She won't show us her ballett moves, but does say me so pretty the entire time with it on. I think that is what she will do the whole recital.....we shall see.

He is some pictures of Speed Racer's new bed. He feels like a big boy now, and we got a great deal on the bed.
Speed Racer climbing up on the bed

The kids watching dad put the bed together

Speed Racer on his bed