Friday, May 16, 2008


Princess had her first ballet recital last night. She did very good, I was worried that she would freeze up but no she did wonderful. We gave her flowers at the end, and the whole way home she sang "I'm so happy, I love my flowers, I'm a ballerina" was so cute to see how happy she was about doing it. I'm so glad she didn't get scared onstage.

We have a busy weekend, so I probably won't blog again until Monday or Tuesday. We had a water leak last weekend. It started Friday night in the garage and we thought, hot water heater. Well then by Saturday morning it was soaked in the hallway, bathroom, boys room, our room and closet, and the living room. The sides of the yards were pretty deep with water as well. Turns out there was a water leak, hot water leak. I had told the hubby on Thursday that the tile by the washer and dryer (right off the garage) was hot, he said it was nothing. Well it was the water leaking then. So anyways the plumber comes out Saturday and can not do anything until Monday and was here on Monday for several hours, they jackhammered into the (new) tile for a few hours then decided to scratch that and run a line somewhere else. Much quikcer process, they should have done that from the get go! So by Monday night our hot water was back on, however our carpets were horrible with the smell. Luckily my mother in law and the hubby's aunt came over to suck as much water out as they could, and that helped. At that time I was at the ER with Princess, oh yeah she fell at Ballet and landed in the concrete on her arm, we thought it might have been sprained because of how she acted, but she turned out to be good:) So then the air is having some problems, it was cold but not that cold, so Saturday we were a tad hot, since the temp got to about 95, but the rest of the week has been nice. They fixed it for the time being, until we can get a second opinion. So the carpet guys came out Tuesday and brought 7 fans (big water damage fans) and three de-humidifers. Those had to run until yesterday afternoon (which was quite loud in here. Thankfully that dried the carpet up and fixed the problem, so the carpet will not have to be replaced.

So we've had a busy week, and I'm expecting an even busier weekend. We have the last tball game and party tommorrow, then Speed Racer's birthday party on Sunday. I'll post pictures of that Monday or Tuesday.

Monkey got his first tooth on Saturday, I needed that :) It made my day better. He's been working so hard on it, I'm glad it finally came through. He will also stand if you put him somewhere to hold on, however he hasn't starting pulling up yet. He is crawling everywhere! and he is wondering towards the steps, but hasn't actually attempted it yet, thankfully!

Well hope you enjoy the pictures from last night and the videos.
The family

The end where all the girls came back out

Princess getting her roses


Princess and Speed Racer

Speed Racer opening his gifts from Grandma, Papa, Aunt Ninny, Uncle John and Michael

Heely's YAY!

The day Monkey got his first tooth, you can't see it, but it is there:)