Friday, May 30, 2008

monkey's first haircut

Well I haven't blogged in almost two weeks, sorry about that. The kids and I flew home to Alabama last weekend. We left Thrusday night and got back Monday night. We had a nice visit. I only wish it were longer than four days:( The kids did great flying it is about a two hour flight and they were very good. I finally got to meet my nephew Michael, who is just sooo cute! He is my only nephew and I wish I was closer to him so he would actually know me better. So we enjoyed a weekend of swimming and hanging out with the family as well as a few close friends. Thanks to everyone who came by to see us while we were there.

I wanted to update my blog look, since everyone else has done it. Peer pressure is horrible, Amy, and Miranda! I needed it done, and finally sat down last night and did it. Hope you enjoy it!

Monkey got his first haircut last night, I know that you are supposed to wait until they are one, but we couldn't, his was getting to long and curly and the ends. So here are a few pictures of his new haircut. Hopefully I'll blog more later. the hubby is taking speed racer to a baseball game tonight so hopefully I'll have pictures from that to post later!
Have a great weekend
monkey before

Getting it cut


After the cut