Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting Teeth & Loosing Teeth

Well Monkey is teething. We have known this since about the week after Christmas, he really started knawing on his fingers. This past week he has been crying on que every night between 630 and 830 pm. Now by crying I dont mean here and there, no if you call the house, it is constant chaois, he is screaming non stop! Nothing makes him better. So I took him in yesterday and they said it is his teeth, so we bought two kinds of orajel and tylenol, and they worked last night. We bought a new kind of orajel that has chammoile in it, it is wonderful! He didn't even has much of an eposide last night, thankfully. We had tried orajel and tylenol everynight this week while he has done this and they did not help, however this new orajel did. So hopefully I'll post pictures soon of new teeth!:)

Speed Racer has lost his first tooth! He lost it at school today and it came home in a little red treasure box. So the tooth fairy will be paying a visit tonight, I'll post another blog later with what he receives!:) He will also be tested next week or the week after that for the gifted/talented program. I can not wait, I think that he is very bright, and hope to get him in a more challenging class. I'm going to post a few pictures of Speed Racer with his missing tooth, and Monkey in his jumparoo, and Princess

Speed Racer with his first tooth gone!

Monkey in his jumparoo

Again he loves it:)

Princess of course had to have her picture taken

Ill post more later, I'm off to read You're Broke Because You Want To Be! Thanks Mom and DAD!:)