Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well Monkey is laughing all the time now! If you take his shirt off, he laughs. Feed him, he laughs. Change him, he laughs! It is so cute! His sleeping has gotten a little better. He stil wakes in the wee hours of the morning to chat with us, but he has started doing this later and later. During abigail's speech therapy he has his tummy time on the floor. Well if the speech therapist says a word for Princess for repeat, Monkey either smiles from ear to ear and giggles or he starts talking to her. It is almost like he is trying to repeat her. This is usually his nap time on any other day, but it never fails on speech therapy day he will not nap at that time. He has to be awake and in the middle of it, I can't imagine how he will be when he can crawl! Oh boy!

Princess is doing well with her speech therapy. This week her new word that is said perfectly now is bananna. She actully says Ba-Nanna. Before is was Nanna. So this is a great improvement. She also says Grand-Ma, rather than mama, and Wh-at, rather that ut!, and W-hy rather that Hi! It is so great how she is starting to learn all of these new words. But on the other hand it is upsetting to know that she no longer sounds like my baby girl. She is growing up and it is hard to get use to. As I told my mom, it is like an infant saying their first words, it's sad, but happy at the same time!

Speed Racer, Well things are good with him. He got glasses in July and at first really enjoyed having them. Now we have already replaced five pair in the few months since he got his first pair! It never fails that something happens to them. Wheter it is they got broke at school, or at home. They are always getting broken. So thanks to Gandma and Papa he went last night and picked out whichever glasses he wanted. It was his choice. He picked them out and they will come with a cool case so he is so exicited about this. We are hoping that this will help him take better care of them, since they are what he wants. Just in case, I also got another pair. So we shall see:)

The hubby and I are doing well. We should hopefully be getting our car back soon! Yes, we have not gotten it yet. We thought it would be last week, but no not it will be who knows when! And we are up to just under $1,600.00 in repair costs! Yeah everytime we turn around there is something more that needs to be fixed. So we are waiting to hear today if there is anymore or if we are finally done! Pray that we are done! I have had the house cleaned and all the laundry done in the house for about two weeks now, the hubby hasn't had to cook dinner or do really anything. I think he is enjoying this a lot!:) I'm glad I decided to start doing this, I feel better, and I can tell that he is so much happier. The other night as I was labeling my Avon books, he made me put them down and he took me into our bathroom where he had ran a bubble bath with the candles all around it, and he cooked that night, to give me a break. It was so sweet of him, and I couldn't believe that he did that! I just love him more and more everyday!!:)

My Avon business, is hopefully going to start picking up some! I handed out some books at some businesses around my mother in laws, and I hope to get some calls from that. The apartment complex we live at also let me put some in their office, so we shall see if this will work! For those of you who would like a brochure or to shop online....let me know! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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The Jones' said...

hey Ashley, So great to hear from you. I am so happy to see that you and Chris did indeed have your new baby. Congratulations! And I too cannot believe how Abigail and Hayden have grown. Are yall liking Texas or do you miss Alabama? I am liking here much better. We have been here 15 months now. The first 8 or 9 were really hard in that I missed Prattville and all of the Glynwood gang so much. But things are much happier now. Thanks for writing me. I will keep in touch. Candy