Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Wonderful four day weekend (well not really!)

Speed Racer had a four day weekend, so I thought this was going to be a nice four days. No getting up at 645 am, no getting out in 30 degree weather to take him to school, and it would just be a good weekend! Well boy was I wrong! It started Friday morning, I was woke up by the hubby leaning over me at 7:00 am telling me "You might want to check your temperature". So I turn around, and he is dressed and ready for work, so I said why? Am I hot or something? He says, no, but I have a fever of 102. So I get up and said and why are you going to work then?? After making him realize that it wouldn't be the best idea to go to work with 102 fever, he agreed and decided to go to the doctor. So he went in Friday morning, and found out that he had the flu! So he came home got back in bed and after a log day and many pharmacies later, I got his meds. He thought that this would make him feel all better, well they didn't. He did feel slightly better Saturday but not much. So since the kids were very active being that we had a long weekend, I decided that Saturday I would take them all out for the day and give him his rest. Well the car needed to be picked up from the shop, finally. (I'll explain that later!) So I ran my errands and then came home, Speed Racer spent the day with Grandpa and Princess, Monkey and I came home to nap.
We decided to meet a friend of mine, Sarah, and her children at Chuck-E-Cheese that night for some fun for the kids. We had a great time and I was glad we got out of the house! There was a lady there (see pics) who loved Monkey, she held him the entire time we were there. Of course, he ate that up! If you are talking to him, he loves you to death! So finally about 7:30 Saturday night, we all got home, bathed, and ready to relax and watch a movie together. We rented Ratatouile, and the kids and I stayed up until about 10 watching it and eating out cotton candy. I figured that since they were up until 10 they would sleep later Sunday.....yeah right! 7:00 am they were ready to go!!

Princess and May-C on the big horse!

Speed Racer racing

Monkey's new friend

Sunday was calmer, the hubby was feeling much better and even worked a few jobs that afternoon, to make up for Friday. So I caught up on some much needed Avon work.
This morning, I was sure would be a much better day, the hubby was feeling better, and going to work. Well Monkey woke us up at 6:00 am with a fever of 102.7! So yeah, we went to the doctor this morning, and the first thing he says's very unlikely that he has the flu. 10 minutes later, the doctor comes back in...ok he has the flu! Sadly, there is nothing they can do for babies, except treat the fever. So, it just has to run its course. Luckily he is still very happy, just sleepy and not very willing to eat, but he is still smiling and laughing! So hopefully we will be done with this when Monkey gets better. I am already drained!
The car is still in the shop...three weeks later. We went to get it on Saturday, and the guy says "If the check engine light comes on bring it back in" well about 2 miles down the road it came on, so back we went. Who knows how much longer it will be there now. We have put 1300.00 into that car just this time in the shop! Lets home there is no more to be done! However, it did drive very smoothly, I loved it!!So that sums up our weekend! Hopefully next will be better!