Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New things

Well I decided to start blogging on this site to update everyone in the family or friends who may want to know what is going on with our family. I hope everyone enjoys this!

So this year so far hasn't started out to great! We had a wonderful trip to Alabama to visit family and a few friends. We had a great trip there on December 26th. We left at 1am and were in Montgomery by about noon. We were on Highway 80 about an hour and a half from Montgomery when the heat stopped working! Why we didn't know, but it stopped. The kids did great most of the way. We suprised the hubby's step-mother and sister with a visit (it was the first time they met Monkey) They were very happy to see us! Then we headed to my mom and dads. Later that afternoon my sister came by and my brother in law, and some family friends. The kids got to open their gifts from everyone, and then we played games and ate and just enjoyed being together. Monkey did well while on our trip, however he started teething while there! It was a pretty fussy time until we got orjael!! We decided to cut our trip one day short and head home on Monday the 31st rather then the 1st, because it was going to be about 20 degrees warmer on Monday and with no heat, that seemed like the best option! Also while in Alabama, of course Princess got sick with a fever of 103.5, and had to go to the ER they had us in and out, and we still have no idea why she ran a fever! They did give her meds so she is better now. Then the hubby went to the ER for his arm, it was hurting him and swelling. Come to find out he has tendinitus (spelling?) So they gave him meds and we were good to go! This was all Sunday night, so we ended up leaving on Monday morning around 745. It was very cold for about 3 hours, then it warmed up to about 60-65 the rest of the way. We finally made it home Monday night around 900pm! We were exhausted from driving. We decided that we would swap cars for the time being so that the kids were not riding in the blazer with no heat. Well we decided to go to meet a friend for dinner so the kids could play, and we took the hubby's car. Wouldn't you know that it broke down right down the road from her house, about 30 minutes from ours. So now we have one vehicle with no heat, and one not running at all!! So yeah this is not a great week for us! But the Blazer is now fixed and the Hyundai will be towed to the shop tommorrow to be looked at.

The kids are doing pretty good. Speed Racer is doing better in school, and is loving reading! He asks everynight to read to us. He is growing up so fast, and it is sad to me. He has been changing so quickly. I'm so proud of him though, and how well he is doing in school.
Princess is also doing great. She is still getting speech therapy twice a week, and she is enjoying that. Her speech therapist is wonderful with her. Princess is talking a lot better and I am so glad we got her started with this. It is sad on the other hand though, because she is not sounding like my baby girl anymore:( I know this is what she needed though.
Monkey is also doing well. They have changed his formula, and he is cutting teeth, and got shots all within a week, so needless to say he wasn't the happiest baby for a few days. He is doing much better now though and he now weighs 13.6 pounds!!
I couldn't have asked for more with my life. I'm hoping 2008 will be better than this past week! haha I'm enjoying Texas and I now know this was the best thing for our family. Well I have made this long enough! Check back later for more updates!