Saturday, August 09, 2008

princess's birthday party

Today was princess' 4th birthday party. We had a good time. She had a few friends over and we had a ballerina princess party. We started out with doing the girls make-up, each girl got her own backpack sack with make-up and such and then Sarah and I did their make-up and painted their nails. I had a runway set up, that I found at Wal-Mart and the girls got to pose on the runway while we took pictures. They enjoyed doing that. We then played put the cell phone on the girl (pin the tail on the donkey) and Hayden and Lexy won that game. All in all we had a good time, and she really enjoyed her birthday. She did get a bike, which she has been wanting for a long time. Here are some pictures from the party today.
princess riding her bike

princess on her "runway"

May-C (princess' best friend!) on the runway:)

princess again

Lexy on the runway

May-C and princess being ballerinas

The gift table

My Birthday princess.....the outfit was made by Leigh

princess' birthday balloons

The runway

Her cake

monkey had his Occupational therpay evaluation yesterday and they did qualify him for services. He will start in the next couple of weeks with that. He is not too far behind on most things, but is showing some muscles weakness (he can't quite hold his own bottle yet) so that is great that he will be able to start OT now and hopefully do great like princess does. They are concerend however because of his weight, he is beginning to show signs of falling off the growth chart like princess did. He weighed 4lbs 13oz at birth and at six months weighed 17lbs, now at a year he is weighing in at 18lbs 3 oz, she wants a nutrionist to come out and evaulate him, and just see what happens with princess before doing anything with him. So we shall see hopefully Tuesday we will have more information on her.

Hope everyone has a great weekend