Friday, August 29, 2008

Born in Idaho, Palin moved to Alaska with her parents, to Charles and Sally Heath, when she was 3 months old.

She grew up in Wasilla, just outside of Anchorage, and played on the Wasilla state championship girls’ basketball team. She was crowned Miss Wasilla in 1984 and was a runner-up in the Miss Alaska pageant.

Palin studied journalism and political science at the University of Idaho and graduated in 1987. She eloped with her high school boyfriend, Todd Palin, in 1988 to save money on an expensive wedding. She helped out in her husband’s family commercial fishing business and appeared occasionally as a television sportscaster.

Palin won a seat on the Wasilla City Council in 1992 as a new face and a new voice, and by opposing tax increases. Four years later she was elected mayor at 32 by knocking off a three-term incumbent. At the end of her second term, party leaders encouraged her to enter the 2002 race for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. Against veteran legislators with far more experience, Palin finished second by fewer than 2,000 votes, making a name for herself in statewide politics. She was elected Alaska’s youngest and first woman governor in 2006.

Sarah and Todd Palin have five children: boys Track, 19, and Trig, 4 months, and daughters Bristol, 17, Willow, 13, and Piper, 7. Palin had kept her pregnancy with Trig a secret as she worked in the governor’s mansion, confirming only weeks before the birth that she was going to have a son who she knew would have Down syndrome. She returned to work in April three days after giving birth.

Palin will be the second female vice presidential candidate from a major political party. The first, Ferrarro, told FOX News that Palin could pick up a lot of Hillary Clinton’s supporters who have not locked in on Obama.

What do you think about McCain's pick for Vice President? I think it will be good for our country if McCain wins the election with her as VP. I'm not THAT into politics, but this election has caught my attention, and I'm not sure why. I like the fact that they are both pro-life. That is important to me, Palin has a four month old with down syndrome, that is a lot to say about a women who knew prior to having the baby what challenges she would face. Still as any mom should do she continued with the pregnancy and I admire that. I don't want someone in the white house that thinks that human life does not begin at conception. I also don't want someone in the white house who thinks since the child will be born with a medical condition it's OK to terminate the pregnancy. That is ridiculous. EVERY person deserves life regardless of what challenges they may face because of their disability.

She appears to be a hard worker. She went back to work THREE days after having her son! That's amazing.And on top of working she also raises five children. Their ages range from 19 years old to four months old. That's a lot of work in itself. She has gone through, or is going through, what a lot of Americans go through daily that most politicians do not, I think so anyways.

What do you guys think?