Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some Answers

This is for those who have asked this question, which have been many. Yes they have said for 4 years that it is because I am petite so naturally princess will be. However, now she is having more problems, she eats about 4-5 bites of any food, sweet or not. She also chews her food and then spits it out, saying her belly hurts or she is full. She also has some problems where she is coughing throught the day, sometimes with phlegm(sp?), she has also had pnemoina 4-5 times (that's a guess, I actually think it's more than that). So with all of this combined, they think there is more to this than just the size of her. I hope and pray that it is just that im petite, and maybe something minor with her. All I can do now is wait. Todya they took 6 tubes of bloodwork and we should get some results in about a week, and hopefully have an appointment set up with the specialist somtime this week. Thanks for everyones care and concern.

On another note, princess is enrolled in preschool! YAY! I was so anxious to get that done, and this morning I did. So on August 25th I will have a preschooler and a first grader! I guess me and monkey will be sleeping until noon now! haha.....that would be nice if I could:)


The Wade's said...

Keep us posted on Miss Abigail. I will be praying for ya'll!

Rita Andrews said...

Ashley, I will pray for you all. I know Abigail is in god's hands. He will walk you through this tough time...lean on Him!~!