Sunday, August 17, 2008

Okay everyone, it's time for a new "get to know your friends" post! I was never tagged, but got the idea from someone else's blog... here are the rules: Take all pictures right away (no cleaning up first!!!), and then tag three friends to do it too!

1. Favorite Destination
Could not think of one....sorry!

2. Self Portrait

3. What the Kids are Doing
Monkey: playing with his toy (the hubby did his hair in a mohawk after bathtime)

Speed Racer: watching the hubby play the xbox 360...oh and pouting! :(

Princess: sitting in my bed watching cartoons.....

4. My Closet

5. Laundry Room

6. The Refrigerator

7. Favorite Room in the House
The living room....sorry it's not too clean

8. The Bathroom
The kids bathroom, it is pretty plain....

9. The Kitchen Sink
we do the dishes at night, so the sink is full right now.....sorry!

10. Favorite Shoes

ok I tag Leigh , Amy, andRita That's who I know read my blog, anyone else is welcome to do it.....let me know once you have!


The Wade's said...

I did it. Sort of...